High efficiency, Low noise, Constant large volume, Multi-level AGC Eighth generation Class K Audio Amplifier

AW87318 is specifically designed to eliminate smart mobile phone music noise, to enhance overall sound quality, which is a new high efficiency, low noise, ultra-low distortion, constant large volume, upgrading eighth generation class K audio amplifiers. AW87318 integrated Awinic proprietary multi-level AGC audio algorithm, effectively eliminate music noise, improve sound quality and volume. Using a new generation K-Chargepump technology, efficiency reaches 93%, power amplifier’s overall efficiency reaches 83%, greatly prolong the mobile phone usage time. AW87318 noise floor is as low as to 43uV, with 98.8dB high signal-to-noise-ratio(SNR).  The  ultra-low  distortion 0.008% and unique multi-level AGC technology brings high quality music enjoyment. AW87318 has 0.6W,0.7W,0.8W,0.9W,1W,1.1W and 1.2W seven subdivision selectable speaker-guard output power levels, which is suitable for different rated power speakers. With multi-level AGC audio algorithms, the music is pure natural and melodious. Within lithium battery voltage range (3.3V--4.35V), output power is constant, preventing voice becomes smaller and smaller during usage of cell phone. AW87318 supports speaker and receiver two-in-one application.


l  Multi-Level AGC audio algorithm, effectively eliminate noise, make sound pure natural

l  Low noise43μV

l  Ultra-low distortion0.008%

l  Power amplifier overall efficiency is up to 83%

l  Speaker and Receiver two-in-one application

l  Receiver1V/VVn=19uVTHD+N=0.025%

l  Receiver3V/VVn=22uVTHD+N=0.025%

l  Selectable speaker-guard power level: 0.6W, 0.7W, 0.8W, 0.9W, 1W, 1.1W, 1.2W

l  Within Lithium battery voltage range, maintained constant large volume

l  Support 6ohm speaker

l  Compatible with AW8736AW8737

l  Super TDD-Noise suppression

l  Excellent pop-click suppression

l  One wire pulse control

l  High PSRR-68dB217Hz

l  ESD protection:±6kV (HBM)

l  Small 0.4mm pitch 1.6mm×1.68mm CSP-14package


Application note

Product name Type Size Download
AW87318CSR PDF 1.4M
  • Voltage(V)
    Boost Type
    R=8Ω THD=1%
    Package (mm)
  • AW87318CSR

    K-Chargepump (inductor free)
    WLCSP 1.6X1.68-14B
  • AW87329CSR

    DO-Chargepump (inductor free)
    WLCSP 2.54X2.07-18B
Package form Number of pins Long(mm) Width(mm) Thick(mm) Pin spacing(mm) Heat sink Package drawing
WLCSP 1.68×1.6×0.575-14B 14 1.68 1.6 0.575 0.4 N
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