Corporate Social Responsibility

Green Manufacturing

As an environment-friendly company, awinic formulate relevant environment management procedures to assure that awinic products comply with relevant international and domestic laws and regulations, as well as customers' hazardous substance management requirements.

  • 1Awinic products are compliant with relevant international and local regulations: REACH Compliance Statement & RoHS Compliance Statement;

  • 2Awinic has established management standard for hazardous substance regulations on the basis of international and local laws, and customers’ specific requirements;

  • 3Awinic requires suppliers shall strictly comply with international and local laws and awinic specification on hazardous substances, establishing corresponding environmental management procedures;

  • 4Awinic regularly audit the effectiveness of suppliers' environmental management systems

Conflict-Free Minerals Policy

Awinic well acknowledges that the conflict minerals declared in the US Dodd-Frank Act and by relevant organizations (such as the OECD or EICC) may trigger serious environmental, social, and human rights issues. Therefore awinic has established a comprehensive conflict mineral policy, a management system, and an investigative framework consistent with relevant organization guidelines, to assure that no violation of conflict mineral policies exists within either awinic or our supply chain.

  • 1 Awinic pledges to society and customers not to use conflict minerals in our products: Conflict Mineral-Free Pledge;

  • 2Awinic has established a comprehensive conflict mineral survey, and requires suppliers to complete it truthfully;

  • 3Awinic requires suppliers to establish comprehensive conflict mineral policies, management systems, and an investigative framework, as well as to pledge not to use raw materials containing conflict minerals;

  • 4Awinic regularly monitors and reviews the effectiveness of suppliers' conflict mineral management systems.

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