AW8624 Low Power F0 Detect and Tracking LRA/ERM Haptic Driver

AW8624 is a single chip, low cost H-bridge haptic driver IC that integrates configurable automatic overdrive and brake function, up to 8KB waveform memory, and supports real time playback, memory  playback  and  hardware  triggered playback with fast startup time. All these make it an ideal candidate for haptic driver. The internal F0 detect function can trace the actual F0 frequency after LRA delivered to customs or after LRA mounted in the mobile, which can keep a strong vibration under all circumstances. The software configurable automatic overdrive and brake process incorporating with the internal waveform memory and a variety of playback modes makes the control of complex haptic effects economical, simple and flexible. AW8624 supplies Short Circuit Protection, Over- Temperature Protection  and  Under-Voltage Protection for robust operation.


l  1MHz I2C Bus Control (Address 0x5A)

l  F0 detect option

l  F0 tracking option

l  Automatic Overdrive and Braking

l  Resistance-Based LRA Diagnostics

l  Drive signal monitor for LRA protect

l  Drive Compensation Over Battery Discharge

l  Integrated 8-KByte Internal Waveform Memory

l  Up to 4-KByte configurable FIFO Interface

l  Three playback mode: Real time playback, memory playback and hardware trigger playback

l  Support automatically switch to standby mode

l  Standby current:10μA

l  Shutdown current:0.5μA

l  3V to 5.5V Supply Voltage Range

l  Short-Circuit Protection, Over-Temperature Protection, Under-Voltage Protection

l  WLCSP 1.369X1.369-9B package


Application note

Product name Type Size Download
  • Haptic Actuator Type
    Input Signal
    Max Output Voltage(V)
    SRAM (kB)
    LRA Calibration
    Startup Time (ms)
    Package (mm)
  • AW8624CSR

    I2C 1TRIG
    8(Compression \Demopression)
    WLCSP 1.369×1.369-9B
Package form Number of pins Long(mm) Width(mm) Thick(mm) Pin spacing(mm) Heat sink Package drawing
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