AW2013 3-channel LED Driver with I 2 C Compatible Interface

AW2013 is a product of 3-channel LED driver supporting auto breathing mode with I2C interface in AWINIC LED driver product line. It can drive 3 individual LEDs or one group of RGB. AW2013 drives LEDs with common anode, constant current. The brightness can be modulated in PWM with 256 steps. The output current can be configured in 4 levels: 15mA, 10mA, 5mA, 0mA(default).  AW2013 supports fade-in and fade-out effect for brightness control. There are two modes: the Direct PWM Control mode and One Short Programming mode. In the one short programming mode, it’s flexible to set the breathing speed, timing, brightness and repeat times.


l  3-channel intelligent LED driver with constant current output

n   Up to 15mA current output with 4-level adjustable for each LED

n   Support both Direct PWM control mode and One Shot Programming mode

n   Support 256 PWM steps

l  Fast I2C interface with maximum operating frequency 400KHz

n  Adaptive to 1.8V/2.8V/3V interface

n  Configurable I2C address with default value 45h

l  Interrupt pin INTN, active low

l  LDO and OSC inside

l  Power supply VCC2.5V3.3V

l  ESD HBM 7kV

l  Operation temperature -40~85

l  Package DFN 2mm×2mm -10L


Application note

Product name Type Size Download
AW2013DNR PDF 1.5M
  • LED Channel
    Charging Indicator
    Auto Breath
    Global Max Current(mA)
    Package (mm)
    Global Current Level
    Individual Current Level
    PWM Level
    Power Supply (V)
Package form Number of pins Long(mm) Width(mm) Thick(mm) Pin spacing(mm) Heat sink Package drawing
DFN 2.0×2.0×0.75 -10L 10 2.0 2.0 0.75 0.4 Y
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