• 2021

    08 awinic was successfully listed on the SSE STAR MARKET (Stock Name: awinic; Stock Code: 688798).

    02 Honored with "2020 Excellent Partner of the Year" by Mobiwire

    01 Granted with 2020 "Excellent Supporter"by Transsion

    01 Certified as"2020 Private Enterprise Headquarter" by Shanghai Municipal Governmant

  • 2020

    12 Honored as the "Excellent Supplier" by Huaqin Telecom Global Core Supplier Conference

    12 Honored with the "vivo Best Delivery Award 2020"

    12 Granted with the 2020 "Special Support for High-growth Enterprises" from Zhangjiang Special Fund

    12 Honored as the "100 Best Software and IT Service Enterprises in Shanghai"

    11 Honored as the "Best Strategic Supplier" by COOSEA Group Global Supply Chain Seminar 2020

    11 Identified as "Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center"

    11 Listed in the second group of "Specialized, Lean-Managed, Unique, Innovative Future Industry Giant" by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China

    10 AW87529 was awarded as "Excellent Market Performance Product" of the 15th Conference on Promotion of China IC Industry 2020

    10 Honored as the "Strategic Partner 2020" by Wingtech Technology

    10 Honored as the "Excellent Enterprise" by China Analog Semiconductor Conference

    07 "Quality Guardian Award" of Longcheer in 2020

    06 AW8697 was awarded as "The Best Driver chips"

    06 Certified as "Children & Youth Study and Practise Base" by Minhang District Government

  • 2019

    11 Wu Jincheng, director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, visited awinic

    10 AW87318 won the "Excellent Market Performance Product" of the 14th Conference on Promotion of China IC Industry 2019

    10 Awinic won the "Best Delivery Performance Award" of Wentai in 2019

    09 Awinic won the "Excellent Enterprise Award" at the China Analog semiconductor Conference 2019

    06 awinic Wuxi R&D Center established officially

    05 awinic won the 2019 TCL "Best Quality Award"

    05 awinic won the "2018 China Semiconductor Innovation Products and Technology"

    04 awinic Technology Symposium titled with “Innovate and Create · Together We Proceed” was held in Shenzhen.

    03 awinic won the title of “Top 10 Greater China IC Design Brands” and received the honors as “Best Amplifier of the Year” again.

  • 2018

    12 Chen yin, member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of Shanghai Municipal Committee, visited awinic.

    11 awinic was awarded Xiaomi Global Core Supplier New Journey Award.

    06 awinic issued IC industry’s first commemorative stamp album with China Post.

    05 awinic relocated Shanghai headquarter.

    05 Smart K won the“vivo Quality Award”.

    03 Sun Hongjun, CEO of aiwinic was selected as the sci-tech entrepreneurial leading talent of the National High-level Personnel Special Support Program.

    03 awinic Technical Seminar 2018 was held successfully.

    03 awinic again won the title of “Top 10 Greater China IC Design Brands” and received the honors as “Best Amplifier of the Year” and “China IC Marketing Team of the Year”.

  • 2017

    12 awinic won “Best Technical Support Award” in REVOVIEWS Tenth Anniversary.

    10 awinic new product launch 2017 and training season came to a successful end.

    10 awinic was invited to 2017 Xiaomi Global Core Supplier Convention.

    06 Sun Hongjun, CEO of awinic was selected into the National Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Advancement Program.

    05 awinic initiated its first overseas recruitment.

    04 awinic 2016 Annual Report: the revenue grew by 39.96% year-on-year.

    03 awinic was again entitled as “Top 10 Greater China IC Design Brands”.

    03 awinic was honored as “Best LED Driver IC of the Year” and “Best Greater China IC Design Team of the Year”.

    02 awinic passed the qualification reassessment as “2016 National High-tech Enterprise”.

  • 2016

    11 awinic was certified as “National High-tech Enterprise”.

    03 awinic was entitled as “Top 10 Greater China IC Design Brands”.

    03 awinic was awarded “2016 Top Regarded Semiconductor Company”.

    03 AW5005 received “Best Amplifier of the Year”.

    03 AW8738 won “Best Power Device of the Year”.

  • 2015

    The performance of awinic hit a record height, with a revenue amounting to RMB 234 million.

    07 awinic was successfully listed on the NEEQ (NEEQ: 833221).

  • 2014

    awinic completed delivery of 580 million chips, with USD 30 million sales.

    12 The company accomplished share restructuring.

  • 2013

    06 awinic was entitled as "Sci-Tech Little Giant Enterprise of Shanghai”.

  • 2012

    12 awinic passed ISO9001: 2008 certification audit.

  • 2011

    02 awinic attended IC-China 2011 and held Awinic Technical Seminar.

  • 2010

    10 awinic was certified as “National High-tech Enterprise”.

    09 awinic received “Top 10 China IC Design Brands”.

    09 awinic sales achieved a new height, maintaining a nine-quarter growth in performance.

    08 The Awinic Lab got upgraded.

    07 awinic’s new quality platform was put into use.

    05 The company relocated to a new office site.

    01 awinic realized successful kickoff and the monthly delivery amounted to 36 million units.

  • 2009

    The cumulative revenue was nearly USD 10 million and the delivery was over 120 million chips.

    09 awinic was certified as an IC design enterprise by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC.

    08 The Class-D audio power amplifier program was reviewed and approved by the National Innovation Fund and attained one-million-yuan funding support.

    03 4/5/6-channel series Charge-Pump LED driver chip was officially launched.

  • 2008

    06 The company was established.

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