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awinic boost products address applications ranging from 0.5A to 1.5A and include key features such as adjustable output voltage.
Product name Control Interface Current Limit Level Max Load Current (A) Support Vout Adjustable Via FB pin Vout Range (V) Supply Voltage Range (V) Package (mm)
AW3606DNR 1-Wire 2 0.6 (VIN+0.5)~6 2.8-4.5 WBDFN 2X2-8L
AW3611DNR 1-Wire 3 1.1 - (VIN+0.5)~6 2.8-4.5 WBDFN 2X2-8L
AW3615CSR 1-Wire 4 1.5 - (VIN+0.5)~6 2.8-4.5 WLCSP 1.19X1.28-9B
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