30W, 4.5V to 26V, High efficiency Stereo Class D Audio Amplifier with I2C Control



Boost Type /
R=8Ω THD=1% 2×30W@24V
Protection /
Receiver NO
Package (mm) WBETSSOP 11×8.1-32L
PVDD Voltage (V) 26

• Wide Voltage Range: 4.5V 26V

• Output Power:

BTL mode: 2×30W@8Ω, 24V,THD+N<1%

PBTL mode: 1×60W@4Ω, 24V,THD+N<1%

• Low THD+N: 0.03% at 1W, 1kHz input, 8Ω

• 17mA Idle Current in Low Loss Mode

• Overal• efficiency up to 94%

• Multiple switching frequencies

AM avoidance

Master/Slave synchronization

Up to 1.2MHz switching frequency

• Programmable Power Limit

• Support 1.8V/3.3V I2C Contro• Gain, Spread Spectrum,Therma• Foldback and Phase shift etc.

• Support paralle• BTL Mode and MONO Mode

• Integrated self protection:over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, DC detect and short circuit protection

• ETSSOP 11mm×8.1mm 32L Package

AW83119 is a stereo efficient, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving speakers up to 60W/4Ω in PBTL mode. The AW83119 can run 2×30W/8Ω without heat sink on a dual layer PCB.

The AW83119 advanced oscillator/PLL circuit employs a multiple switching frequency option to avoid AM interferences; this is achieved together with an option of Master/Slave mode, making it possible to synchronize multiple devices.

The AW83119 controls internal registers through the I2C interface. Registers parameters include Gain, MONO mode, Spread Spectrum, Mute, Thermal Foldback and Phase shift parameters etc.

The AW83119 built-in over-voltage, under-voltage protection, DC protection, thermal protection and short-circuit protection, effectively prevent it from being damaged.

AW83119 is available in ETSSOP 11mm×8.1mm-32L package.


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