Over-Voltage Protection Load Switch

The AW33901 features an ultra-low 30mΩ(typ.) Rdson nFETload switch. When input voltage exceeds the OVP threshold, the switch is turned off very fast to prevent damage to the protected downstream devices. The IN pin is capable of withstanding fault voltages up to 32VDC. The default OVPthreshold is 5.95V (AW33901), 6.2V (AW33902), 6.8V (AW33905), 9.98V (AW33909) and 10.5V (AW33910).The OVP threshold can be adjusted from 4V to 20V through external OVLO pin. The device features an open-drain output ACOK, when VIN_UVLO  < VIN  < VIN_OVLO  and the switch is on, ACOK will be driven low to indicate a good power input, otherwise it is in high impedance mode (HiZ). The device features over-temperature protection that prevents itself from thermal damaging. The AW33901  is available in a RoHS compliant  1.2mm×1.2mm FCQFN-9 package.


l  Highly reliable1.2mm ×1.2mm FCQFN-9 package

l  Integrated low Rdson nFET switch: typical 30mΩ

l  5A continuous current capability

l  Default Over-Voltage Protection (OVP): 5.95V

l  OVP threshold adjustable range: 4V to 20V

l  Input maximum voltage rating: 32VDC

l  Fast turn-off response: typical 50ns

l  Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)

l  Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)


Application note

Title Type Size Date Download
DS_AW329XX_Over-Voltage Protection Load Switch with Surge Protection_EN_V1.1.pdf PDF 1M 2019-01-11
  • Default OVP Threshold (V)
    Surge Protection (V)
    Switch on Resistance (mΩ)
    Input DC Withstand Voltage (V)
    OVP Response Time (ns)
    Package (mm)
Package form Number of pins Long(mm) Width(mm) Thick(mm) Pin spacing(mm) Heat sink Package drawing
FCQFN 1.2×1.2×0.55 -9L 9 1.2 1.2 0.55 0.4 N
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