200mA 1-Wire Configurable Front Flash LED Driver with Ultra Small Package

The AW36402 is a low voltage-drop current sink LED driver, which supports both flash and torch applications. The current-regulation sink integrated in the chip makes the LED current be capable of keeping constant when input voltage, LED forward voltage or temperature are changing. The LED current can be adjusted among 16 steps by sending 1-wire pulses into the EN pin, and the maximum value is 200mA. The AW36402 is available in an ultra-small 1.5mm× 1.0mm×0.55mm DFN-6 package, and only one multi-layer ceramic capacitor is needed for the peripheral of the solution. In shut down mode, the AW36402 turns off all internal circuits and the consumption is less than 1μA.


l  Front Flash LED Driving

l  200mA Maximum LED Current

l  16 LED Current Levels Selectable by 1-wire Interface

l  LED Current Accuracy: ±8%

l  Low Dropout Voltage: 50mV@200mA

l  LED Short Protection

l  Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)

l  Over Thermal Protection(OTP)

l  Ultra Small 1.5mm×1.0mm DFN-6 Package Compatible with AW3640


Application note

Title Type Size Date Download
DS_AW36402_EN_V1.3 200mA Front Camera Flash LED Driver with Ultra Small Package.pdf PDF 1.4M 2019-01-11
  • LED Channel
    Control Interface
    Flash Current (Max) (A)
    Torch Current (Max) (A)
    Flash Current Accuracy (%)
    Flash Timer (s)
    Indicator mode
    Package (mm)
Package form Number of pins Long(mm) Width(mm) Thick(mm) Pin spacing(mm) Heat sink Package drawing
DFN 1.5×1.0×0.55 -6L 6 1.5 1.0 0.55 0.5 N
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