Inductor-Boost White LED Driver with Ultra-low EMI and PWM to DC Dimming

AW9920 is a high-efficient, inductor boost white LED driver which support up to 10 LED in series. The Constant-voltage and Constant-current control loop increase the stability and anti-interference. Built-in over current and over temperature protection. AW9920 adopts PWM to DC dimming method, reducing the output voltage and current ripple, avoiding producing noise among the human ear hearing range. AW9920 adopts unique Q-Mirror TM constant current driver, keeping the output current from the environmental interference. AW9920 adopts specific EES TM (Electromagnetic Emission Suppression)technology, optimize the handheld device receiving sensitivity by reducing the EMI. Furthermore, the RNS technology protect the chip from radio noise disturbance.


l  Specific EESTM Significantly Reduce EMI

l  PWM to DC Dimming

l  Specific RNS Protect the Chip from Radio Noise

l  Unique Q-MirrorTM Current Sink Driver

l  Support up to 10 LEDs in one series

l  0.8MHz Switching Frequency

l  Built-in Soft-start Limits Inrush Current

l  Over-current, Over-temperature and Over-voltage Protection

l  Shut down current<1uA

l  Small SOT23-5L package


Application note

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DS_AW9920_EN_V1.0_White LED Driver with Specific EMI Suppression and PWM Dimming.pdf PDF 1.59M 2019-01-11
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