Non-Crack-Noise, Ultra-Low-THD+N,Ultra-Low-EMI, Second Generation Class-D Audio Amplifier

The AW8155A is a non-crack-noise (NCN), ultra-low-EMI, filter-free, AB/D output mode selection, unique RNS and net audio tech- nology, second generation Class-D audio amplifier. Ultra low THD+N,Unique NCN function, which adjusts the system gain au- tomatically while detecting the “Crack” distor- tion of output signal, protects the speaker from damage at high power levels and invites the user to bask in immense musical enjoy- ment. AW8155A NCN output power can be set to 0.65w or 0.85w for different speakers, this feature is embedded in order to protect speakers from damage caused by an exces- sive sound level. The AW8155A features a unique RNS and net audio technology, which effectively re- duces  RF  energy,  attenuate  the  RF TDD-noise, an acceptable audible level to the customer. The AW8155A features the EEE (Enhanced Emission Elimination) function which greatly reduces EMI over the full bandwidth. The AW8155A achieves better than 20dB margin under FCC limits with 24 inch of cable. The filter-free PWM architecture and internal gain setting reduces external components count, board area consumption, system cost and simplifies the design. The over-current, over-temperature is prepared inside of the device.


l  Ultra low THD+N:0.007%

l  AB/D operate mode

l  Two NCN level 0.65w and0.85w

l  Unique RNS

l  High SNR:97dB

l  EEE Function, Greatlreduces EMI over the full bandwidth

l  Excellent Pop-Click Supression

l  No VREF capacitor

l  Pin compatible with AW8155, AW8145

l  One-pulse control

l  Filter-Free Class-D Architecture

l  High PSRR (-75dB at 217Hz)

l  Low Shutdown Current (<0.1μA)

l  Power SupplRange: 2.5V~5.5V

l  Over-Current Protection

l  Over-Temperature Protection

l  Small 1.5mm×1.5mm FC-9 Package


  • Voltage(V)
    Boost Type
    R=8Ω THD=1%
    Package (mm)
Package form Number of pins Long(mm) Width(mm) Thick(mm) Pin spacing(mm) Heat sink Package drawing
FCQFN 1.5×1.5×0.55 -9L 9 1.5 1.5 0.55 0.5 N
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