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Haptic driver
awinic haptic driver product series with high performance and low power consumption, including normal voltage drivers and high voltage drivers, can be widely applied in mobile phone, laptop, NB-IoT, gaming device, etc.
Product name Actuator Type Input Signal Max Output Voltage(V) SRAM (kB) Loading(Ω) Ishutdown(μA) Boost F0 Auto Adjusting Startup Time (ms) Package (mm)
AW8697(A/B)*FCR I2C 3TRIG 10.5 8(Compression \Demopression) ≥6 1.2 FCQFN 2X3-20L
AW8695FCR LRA I2C 3TRIG 10.5 8(Compression \Demopression) ≥16 0.2 1.2 FCQFN 2X3-20L
AW8623DNR ERM,LRA I2C 1TRIG 5.5 8(Compression \Demopression) - 0.5 - 0.4 WBDFN 3X3-10L
AW8624CSR ERM,LRA I2C 1TRIG 5.5 8(Compression \Demopression) - 0.5 - 0.4 WLCSP 1.369×1.369-9B
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