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awinic single cell switch-mode chargers provide high efficiency and reliability for faster and cooler charging of high capacity batteries in smartphones and other consumer applications.
Product name Control Interface Operation Mode Max Charge Current (A) VOREG OTG Package (mm)
AW3112DNR - Host Control 1.0 Programmable - DFN-6L (2.0×2.0)
AW3210ADNR - Host Control 1.0 Programmable - DFN-10L (3.0×3.0)
AW3215ADNR 1-Wire Standalone 1.5 4.2V - DFN-12L (3.0×3.0)
AW3216DNR 1-Wire Standalone 1.5 4.35V - DFN-12L (3.0×3.0)
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